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The Great Wall passes £1 million

Turn the defence of the Wall into a true siege experience

Photo: Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for Awaken Realms’ new Euro set in imperial China has reached fantastic new heights with the £1 million stretch goal being smashed to pieces this week, just confirming that we truly are living in a golden age of indie boardgame development.

“The new Black Powder expansion… will bring a lot of new exciting mechanics and turn the defence of the Wall into a true siege experience providing both defencing and assaulting sides with siege engines and new weapons of war!”

Coming in two versions, this latest expansion will include a new box, insert and manual, four cardboard towers and an array of siege weapons including cannons, catapults, battering rams and ballistae.

Additionally, the expansion will feature generals and advisors who work exclusively with the new gameplay expansion set adding a tantalising new system to the game. Finally, the expansion will feature new army units, artefact cards and 5 ’help’ cards.

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