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Gloomhaven sequel Frosthaven announced

A new adventure in the most acclaimed boardgame universe

Photo: Frosthaven Announcement Art

Cephalofair Games have announced a brand-new stand-alone adventure in the world of Gloomhaven. Described as ’Gloomhaven 2.0’ the new game promises to deliver 16 new characters, over 25 new enemies, over 100 new items and somewhere around 100 new scenarios. Considering most of us are only one scenario deep into our current Gloomhaven campaigns, this promises to be an enormous new big box set.

Expanding on the name, ’Frosthaven’ apparently refers to a small outpost far to the north of the capital city of White Oak. There, a group of mercenaries at the end of their rope will help bring back this settlement from the edge of destruction.

“Not only will they have to deal with the harsh elements, but there are other, far more dangerous threats out in the unforgiving cold as well.”

The early announcement hints at the potential for weather elements to play a role in the new adventures and mentions several new enemies to inhabit the frozen landscape, including yetis who are prominently featured on the announcement art.

In addition to having the well-known combat mechanisms of Gloomhaven, Frosthaven will feature much more to do outside of combat, such as numerous mysteries to solve, a seasonal event system to live through, and player control over how this ramshackle village expands, with each new building offering new ways to progress.

A new round in Kickstarter is expected to run in March 2020.

Isaac Childres fielded questions about everything Frosthaven at PAX Unplugged on Sunday, check out our rundown of the key details here.

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