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D&D vs Rick and Morty launches

Rick interrupts and improves classic DnD

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DnD has partnered with Adult Swim to launch a big box set that blends classic elements of Dungeons & Dragons with the outrageous comedy stylings of Justin Roiland, and Dan Harmon’s viral animation hit Rick and Morty.

The box set includes a set of 11 atomic-green dice, an expanded classic rulebook comically punctuated with constant interjections by Rick Sanchez and some world-appropriate character sheets. The set also includes a companion to the comic book series, an incredibly illustrated 4-panel folding Dungeon Master screen and finally a complete 32-page original adventure.

The included adventure is loosely based on the short-run IDW comic of the same name and guides even relatively inexperienced DMs and five players from level 1 to 3.

The whole package is well put together, the dice, in particular, feel sturdy with fantastic colour and have great sharp edges, rarely landing cocked. However, we found the quality of the art varied quite a bit, adding cute details in some places and coming across somewhat rushed in others. But the humour and personality of the show come through in spades with Rick’s constant contradictions and disruptions to the official rules adding easy to comprehend simplifications that will make fans of the show who are new to DND feel right at home.

You can pick up the digital version via DND Beyond and the full box set including dice, character sheets and additional art on Amazon.

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