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Hellboy Krampus Expansions Delayed

Sadly Krampusnacht is not upon us

Photo: Mantic Games

Too much of a good thing? Sadly it seems to be the case with this highly anticipated addition to Hellboy The Boardgame.

“Due to the sheer number of orders so far we have had to put the print order on hold”

Mantic Games have unfortunately had to delay the printing of the figures due to the ‘sheer number’ of orders they received. Unfortunately that means that for the children who were expecting a visit from Krampus before Christmas, they’ll sadly will have to make do without a beating from Krampus’s Bircher branch. Kindly Mantic has offered that for affected customers with their peers bundled with other seasonal goodies, they will comp the cost of delivery and make sure the other items get to them before the season break.

Production for the Krampus minis has been set back to begin in December with shipping expected in January.

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