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Divinity Original Sin Boardgame Kickstarter passes $1 million

Just how large is this miniature?

Photo: Kickstarter

In just a couple of days since our last update, Divinity Original Sin The Board Game has blown past the $1 million mark. The latest stretch goal expands the NPC interactions creating innovative ways for players to have branching conversations… Oh and a god damn dragon!

“We’ve included Ifan to show you just how large this miniature is.”

Slane The Winter Dragon will be a large miniature based on the character who has previously appeared in the Divinity video game series. He will feature a brand new side quest all of his own which could end with him either fighting you or becoming a recurring ally.

Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game is set to be an epic adventure across the world of Rivellon. You’ll be able to take up to 3 friends and their heroes on branching, narrative driven adventures, that promise to be filled with tactical combat and meaningful choices. Based on the new Chronicle System; the developers claim that choices you make will impact not just your own story, but tantalising also the future of the Divinity Original Sin universe.

We’re dying to see what Lynnvander Studios pulls together with all new stories, side quests, skills, items, and monsters that will be on offer in this adventure.

If you want to get in on the action, check out the Kickstarter.

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