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Gloomhaven II: Frosthaven starting classes revealed

Key details emerge around 2020’s biggest sequel

Frosthaven Yeti
Photo: Cephalofair Games

Following the Gloomhaven II: The Next Chapter discussion at PAX Unplugged some key details were revealed about the sequel to the world’s most acclaimed tabletop game, including some details about the starting classes available to players.

Aesther Necromancer
Aesther’s draw their energy from the planes which are full of terrible and useful things. They tap into the wells of life found in other planes and infuse it into the living things on this one, taking some of the necromancers own life with it. Many necromancers go mad through the constant push and pull of life and death but some are capable of taking the wild energy and performing legitimate miracles.

Human Banner Spear
Humans have the become the most prolific civilisation, reaching across continents in search of new conquests. At the head of the human thrust into the frozen unknown are the Banner Spears, tireless warriors forever in search of glory and honour at the behest of the capital city of White Oak. Faced with the harsh realities of Frosthaven, will they give up everything to protect their outpost or will they flee in the face of chaos and destruction?

Quatryl Blink Blade
The cold is not a forgiving climate for one so small. If a Blink Blade were to travel north it may be because he has nowhere else to go, or because some quarry is to be found. As an assassin, Blink Blade’s are equipped with experimental temporal knives and can alter the flow of time, moving faster than the eye can see and striking harder than a creature ten times their size. Such actions can only be performed in short bursts however, as there is always a cost for such great power.

Harrower Geminate
Despite being one of the first forms of intelligent life to emerge, the Harrowers’ have avoided contact with most other beings. When Harrower’s do interact with other races they shape their swarm into vaguely human forms so as to minimise their other party’s discomfort. The Geminate shifts it’s form between wildly different configurations each with its own abilities and motives.

“The game also has a very cool sounding calendar system… roads and paths will become blocked or opened depending on the weather.”

Two other classes, the Deathwalker and Drifter are also scheduled to appear along with another 10 additional unlockable classes. As previously hinted, the game also has a very cool sounding calendar system whereby, as the game progresses through summer and winter, different roads and paths will become blocked or opened depending on the weather.

The Kickstarter is set to being in March 2020 by which time I’m sure we’ll all be vying to be first in with our orders.

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