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Coop horror Dawn of Madness Kickstarter passes $1.2m

The waking nightmare continues

Photo: Kickstarter

The sequel to the breakout hit board game Deep MadnessDawn of Madness has shattered its initial funding goal of $100,000 and is pushing towards $1.3 million. The new, terrifying gaming experience from Diemension Games has captured the public’s attention with gorgeously horrifying game art and a diverse set of campaigns and a plethora of hauntingly detailed minis.

Each campaign in Dawn of Madness will consist of 1 to 4 chapters and a finale. Each choice and the order of those choices can drastically alter your playthrough and the outcome of your campaign.

As a `Wanderer’ players find themselves in the shoes of people who’ve been ripped from their reality and thrown into a nightmarish Otherworld filled with horrifically twisted creatures. To survive you’ll have to gather together the lost fragments of your mind, wandering through a feverish nightmare uncovering secrets from your past and dealing with unique monsters and visceral tales of psychological horror.

So far the campaign has unlocked an insane number of new minis, art books and even an incredible 91mm tall final boss miniature along with 5 extensive expansion packs. To be a part of the nightmare check it out on Kickstarter.

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