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Ares Games announces Masters Of The Night

Magician pimp vampires

Masters of the Night Announcement
Photo: Ares Games

Ares Games has announced a new fully cooperative game for 1 to 5 players, made in cooperation with Igrology, designers of the 4X board game Master of the Galaxy.

In Masters of the Night players will play as members of a vampire family, just arrived after a long journey in a new, unfamiliar city where they will be challenged to survive and if lucky, establish their rule, despite mysterious agents trying to stop them. When players first arrive in the city, they’ll be weak and their potential actions limited to movement, fighting and recruiting minions. However, in Masters of the Night, each round is divided into day and night phases. The various districts composing the modular board of the city have different powers, often related to one, or both, these phases.

During the daytime, your vampires are not roaming around and rely on the help of your minions while trying to hide from the dangerous agents hunting you. Most daytime-based district effects are based on who is controlling the area – your minions, or your enemies? Winning or losing control of a location can have a lasting impact on the game.

At night, vampires can stalk the streets, and each district with a night-time effect gives players new possibilities such as the option to use the nightclub as a hunting ground or perhaps instead they might manipulate the news to help them sway control of a district.

From what we’ve seen so far, the game’s personality sits somewhere between camp 50s horror movie and a creepy neo-noir graphic novel. Characters revealed so far include Agnieszka, a cheerleader vampire with hypnosis powers and Ishtvan who looks like what can only be described as a magician pimp.

Find out more about the gameplay and background of Masters of the Night by checking out the Facebook page. The Masters of the Night Kickstarter launches on January the 14th.

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