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Hexy Studio partnership to bring new titles to US retailers

Hexy Studio strikes deal with Ares Games

Photo: Hexy Studio

Hexy Studio, the Polish game developers known for their beautiful art style and fantastic thematic gameplay have struck a deal to partner with Ares Games that will deliver some of their most popular titles to English speaking audiences in the US and other countries outside of Europe.

The first product of this partnership will be the neon-soaked 1-5 player tactical adventure game Hard City. Hard City, designed by Marek Raczyński and Adam Kwapiński (Nemesis and Lords of Hellas), present a game with scenario-driven gameplay. One player takes the role of the evil mastermind Doctor Zero, while all the other players become brave Officers of the Hard City Police Department, aiming to upset his wicked plans.

“Games developed by Hexy are visually stunning, strongly thematic and, most important of all – FUN!”

Roberto Di Meglio, Director of R&D of Ares Games

Hard City also allows players to have some flexibility, with options to play the game entirely cooperatively or solo and still live out all their cyberpunk fantasies.

Another expected partnership release is the beautiful detailed Slyville. Known for its intuitive rule set and off the wall humour, Slyville is a 3-5 player resource management/bluffing game that is a new take on the family style games of our past that is sure to bring out the worst in people at certain Christmas festivities.

Set in a medieval city called Slyville, players get to act as either mischievous monks, sneaky scholars and greedy merchants. Players send their trusted henchmen to various districts of the city to find bargains, make deals, and grow their power and wealth by any means necessary. bluffing skills and the ability to figure out their opponents’ strategy.

Hard City is expected to release in retail in Q2 2020 following the fulfilment of Kickstarter rewards.

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