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Reign of Nations rises

New Kickstarter project invades homes

Reign of Nations Header 2
Photo: Kickstarter

A high fantasy battle for the fate of the world awaits. In Reign of Nations you’ll discover a world facing the threat of invasion by a conquering race of Egyptine warriors, strike out with up to 6 friends in this beautifully crafted area control offer game and command vast legions led by mighty warlords and great heroes to establish your unquestioned reign over them all.

The setup feels pleasantly familiar but it’s backed up by beautiful art and wonderfully realised game pieces all in a box that feels like it was drawn from a 13 year old’s wildest cheese-dreams.

The game promises great replayability with an assortment of randomising features and various victory conditions that can be approached differently by each of the seven different nations vying for control.

With a relatively short game time players will get ample opportunity to pick up on the rules and take their best shot at total domination. The Kickstarter has just begun so if what you’re seeing tickles your fancy, check it out.

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