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Romance of the Perilous Land reboots the classic 1970s RPG

Romance of a Perilous Land launch
Photo: Osprey Publishing

Classical high fantasy comes to life in this new RPG from Osprey Publishing. Romance of the Perilous Land is new a roleplaying game, that reboots the classic Western RPG of the same name, set in the world of British folklore. Based on ancient folktales of the British Isles this latest adventure drops players in a world of magic, chivalry and great danger. Encounter ambitious kings, evil knights, and thieving brigands in a sparse and open land of lush green hills.

While you will encounter greedy giants, malevolent sorcerers, and water-dwelling knuckers who lurk in the shadows, don’t expect to spend your days fighting off hordes of dragons. In the Perilous Land, monsters are beings that strike terror into common folk’s hearts. They’re solitary and wonderous and your just as likely to have to negotiate with valiant knights or cunning common folk as you are to have to face-off with mighty barbarians or hunt down a pack of boggarts.

In ​Romance of the Perilous Land​, the players take on the role of heroes who are roaming the land hunting evil creatures and righting wrongs. Expect to explore a world of black and white morality, with clear cut decisions on what is the good and righteous choice. As players build their own legends, by the time they reach level 10, the final level, they will have songs sung about them and books written about them for centuries to come.

The beauty is that the players get to watch their own legends flourish, with their trials and also their triumphs. Romance of the Perilous Land is available via Osprey Publishing and Amazon in digital, softcover and hardback now.

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