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WWII Quartermaster General: 2nd edition opens up a new front

Protect your supply lines or face defeat

The second edition of WWII Quartermaster General hits stores January 3.

In Quartermaster General, you must protect your supply lines in order to keep your armies and navies fighting. Destroy your enemies’ supply lines and their forces will face destruction and defeat.

Each major power has a unique set of strikingly illustrated cards with which to marshal their forces, represented by wooden army and navy pieces.

During a game, you play one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team and try to score as many Victory Points for your team as you can. No matter how many players, all six countries are played in each game, this means that in games with fewer players, they’ll be managing multiple sides within the allies or axis.

For 2 to 6 people, Quartermaster General has a quick setup with games taking around 90-120 minutes.

This Second Edition improves multiple elements of the original, including a number of cards being rewritten or redworded for clarity and now when your draw deck runs out you no longer lose cards from your hand, you lose victory points. Additionally the Reallocate Resources rule allows players to gain a crucial card when they need it most.

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