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2 new houses added to Dune

The Tleilaxu and Ixian come to Dune.

Gale Force Nine today announced that Dune will be receiving its first expansion. The new houses are thematically perfect, drawing on the source material of Frank Herbert’s universe to deliver the Tleilaxu and the Ixian.

Led by a small council of Tleilaxu Masters the genetically superior but fanatical and xenophobic Tleilaxu have long wrought ambitions of dominating the Imperium and controlling the CHAOM.

The Ixian royals are powerful masters of technology and manufacturing. Once decimated by a coalition of Tleilaxu and the Emporer’s Sardaukar the Ixian’s struck a deal with the Atreides to retake control of their home planet of Ix. Long memories of suffering and rebellion have left the Tleilaxu and Ixian people, mortal enemies. The Ixian control many advanced technologies that only they truly know how to deploy.

You can pre-order the new expansions today at Flames of War.

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