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Asmodee announces new Top Gun strategy game

Photo: Asmodee Games

Asmodee Games has announced Top Gun, a strategy Game lets puts players in the pilot seats of Team Maverick/Goose and Team Iceman/Slider.

Designed for 2 – 4 players, each team takes on the other during a intense air combat training exercise. Pilots must strategically manoeuvre their planes and coordinate with their Weapons System Operator. Intense gravity-defying aerial maneuvers and securing a valuable target lock on their opponent will secure a swift victory.

Sporting a delightfully kitschy 80s aesthetic that reminds us a bit of the old prints of SpyWeb, the game plays out across two distinct and thematically appropriate modes, air battle and volleyball. In the volleyball card game, pilots strut their stuff to gain rewards or intimidate an opponent. In order to ensure victory, players must succeed at their Ground Game to increase their education and confidence, giving them the tools and the nerve to excel in the Air Game.

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