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The critters are coming

Root: The Underworld coming to stores

Image: Leder Games

Leder Games has announced Root: The Underworld Expansion will be heading for a retail release. If you missed the original 2019 Kickstarter project and wanted to get your hands on the was warmly received expansion, you’ll get your chance to return to the woodland critter world of Root in 2020.

The new expansion features new factions, two new maps, and an alternative game deck to allow your cute faction to explore, conquer and uncover conspiracies.

This expansion pack for Root: A Woodland Game of Might and Right provides two new asymmetric factions to mix and match with current Root content for new player dynamics, as well as two new maps with new map-specific rules.

The new factions include The Great Underground Duchy, who can tunnel through the landscape in order to infiltrate the mysterious Corvid Conspiracy.

Expect Root: The Underworld Expansion to burrow it’s way into living rooms worldwide in March 2020.

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