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Riot Games establishes Riot Tabletop

League of Legends creators to make permanent in-roads to the tabletop industry.

Image: Riot Games

Perhaps it’s a sign of just how mainstream tabletop has become, or perhaps it’s just a nice niche to be a part of but either way, titans of video games Riot Games have announced that they will be establishing a permanent division specifically focussed on tabletop games called Riot Tabletop.

The runaway success of Riot Games titles is no secret. League of Legends permanent position as the the dominant esports title has enabled Riot Games to launch itself into a wide array of passion projects.

And that’s what we’re so excited about—multiplying player experience across the wide range of games you can play at a table with friends.

Riot Games

In 2016, Riot Ganes earned widespread critical acclaim for its meticulous attention to detail in their first foray into tabletop gaming, Mechs vs Minions. Developed in consultation with industry mainstays Tom Vasal and Quintin Smith, the game wasn’t without its issues, struggling with ordering challenges. However they were praised for their communication skills and openness to feedback from their fans.

Riot has announced one initial title to add to its library alongside Mechs vs Minions, and have pledged to really test themselves to deliver new innovation and challenge players perceptions of what they can create.

The first game, they’ve promised will be fast and competitive. Tellstones: King’s Gambit, a bluffing game for 2 or 4 players and is promised to be just one of many tabletop games in development.

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