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How to play DnD online

Keep playing together while we’re apart

So you’re stuck apart from your regular group. With everyone practising social distancing it’s ironic that while nobody has any plans it’s harder than ever to get together in a group to practice some healthy escapism. 

How do you play online?

Well, there’s a couple of ways you can still enjoy your favourite tabletop experience. If everyone has their own books and you don’t rely on minis too much there’s no reason you can’t be playing right now on FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Discord. But if you want a shared board experience, where everyone is in on the action, we recommend Roll 20.

What’s Roll 20?

A virtual tabletop, designed to be system agnostic, so you can choose from hundreds of systems and customise every last element. Roll20s board acts as a blank canvas on which you can create any world for your party to explore.

If you are starting a new campaign or need help, there’s a bevy of purchasable content from official sourcebooks including right now free access to The Explorers Guide to Wildemount, giving you access to pre-built maps, tokens, decks and adventures so you can experience the world of Critical Role for yourself.

The interface takes some getting used to but is equipped with everything you could ever need to get your party together even while you’re apart, including video chat and digital dice. DMs also have access to measure tools and hidden information that their players can see if they choose to reveal it. 

Check out what they have on offer at Roll20.

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