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Critical Role Make A Boardgame Company

Darrington Press
Source: Critical Role

Critical Role has announced the creation of a brand new tabletop publishing company, Darrington Press.

Darrington Press is to be lead by tabletop veteran, Ivan Van Norman, who’s been responsible for publishing tabletop titles including, Alice is Missing, Altered Carbon and Outbreak: Undead.

The new logo for Darrington Press, featuring subtle nods to Doty of the Darrington Brigade

Matthew Mercer, will of course also be on board as Creative Advisor to guide the creation of all new tabletops adventures in Critical Role’s world. The upcoming slate of games is already being addressed with the first one being addressed with titles including Uk’otoa, Critical Role Adventures, Syndicult and Guardians of Matrimonia.


Based on characters from the hit series featuring The Mighty Nine, Uk’otoa is described as ‘a battle for life and death on the high Lucidian seas.’ The first game from Darrington Press will be a tactical game of semi-cooperative card game. The game sees players vying for survival, running, pushing, and sacrificing each other in an effort to escape the clutches of the sea leviathan Uk’otoa.

Uk’otoa is set be released via the Critical Role UK, US, and Australian online stores sometime this year, so stay tuned for more details soon.

Critical Role Adventures

Slated for 2021, Critical Role adventures an RPG-in-a-box that gets us feeling all warm and tingly in all the right places. The game will allow players to travel through Exandria, as the legendary Vox Machina overcoming treacherous challenges. This cooperative legacy-lite campaign game uses a unique, narrative mechanic for social and combat encounters, that promises to lure players back session after session. This big box game will come with a host of hidden treasures and a rich storybook to guide you through thrilling combat, dynamic character growth, and tales worthy of the name Vox Machina.

Keep an eye on Big Box Game News for more news in the new year!

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