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Previewing Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Source: Wizards of The Coast

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, promises to be one of the most significant expansions to the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition ruleset yet. The new sourcebook is set to vastly expand players options to customise their characters and even open up how dungeon masters run their games. 

22 New subclasses

With 22 new classes are making the jump from playtest material to official subclass.

Artificer Subclasses:

  • Alchemist
  • Armorer
  • Artillerist
  • Battle Smith

Barbarian Subclasses:

  • Path of the Beast
  • Path of Wild Magic

Bard Subclasses:

  • College of Creation
  • College of Eloquence

Cleric Subclasses:

  • Order Domain
  • Peace Domain
  • Twilight Domain

Druid Subclasses:

  • Circle of Spores
  • Circle of Stars
  • Circle of Wildfire

Fighter Subclasses:

  • Psi Warrior
  • Rune Knight

Monk Subclasses:

  • Way of Mercy
  • Way of Astral Self

Paladin Subclasses:

  • Oath of Glory
  • Oath of the Watchers

Ranger Subclasses:

  • Fey Wanderer
  • Swarmkeeper

Rogue Subclasses:

  • Phantom
  • Soulknife

Sorcerer Subclasses:

  • Aberrant Mind
  • Clockwork Soul

Warlock Subclasses:

  • The Fathomless (New Patron)
  • The Genie (New Patron)

Wizard Subclasses:

  • Bladesinging
  • Order of Scribes

New possibilities

After rigorous play testing through Unearthed Arcana, the new classes help plug some holes in play styles and open up new opportunities to take existing characters in wild new directions. For example the new Path of Wild Magic, sees barbarians gain the new Magic Awareness feature. As an action, players will be able to know the location of any spell or magic item within 60 feet much like the Paladin’s Divine Sense. 

The new psi-warrior was originally looking like it would introduce the entirely new psionic dice mechanic but apparently a predominant number of the players who responded to the surveys said they didn’t like the mechanic. They liked the ideas of the Psi Warrior and Soulknife subclasses… but having there be an all-new mechanic to learn and use was voted down quite a bit. 

New Realms to Explore

The DM Tools chapter also includes rules and suggestions for new “Supernatural Regions.” Each realm allows DMs to drop players into specific genre driven environments, where the regular rules of the material plane are supplanted by another set entirely.

“The Far Realm, as the name implies, is this far off dimension that is outside the great wheel of existence,” Crawford explained in an interview with IGN. “It’s this mind-bending reality that is not bound by the rules of the rest of the D&D multiverse, and it is that reality that creatures like mind flayers and beholders originally come from. It’s one of the reasons why those creatures are so terrifying to pretty much everybody else in the D&D multiverse. And not just humanoids, you know – even dragons are probably like, ‘Oh no.’ And we have a massive table of different effects that player characters might have to face in a place where that alien dimension has erupted into the material plane.”

Each region has a set of events that gives the DM a menu of triggers that can suddenly cause the haunted region or the Far Realm region to materialise into place, through a mix of mechanical and story actions.

The new ruleset is by far the most expansive new sourcebook to come from Wizards of The Coast yet and we can’t wait to test out every feature come November 17th.

Check out the preorder on Amazon or from your local game store.

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